Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Windy Wednesday

So, it's another windy night in Rochester, and they say MAYBE I will even get some more snow.  I know I am crazy for wanting snow, but if it's this cold, Old Man Winter better make it worth it.  I guess I say that because I don't have to shovel, or scrape my car to go to work, and if I do have to leave, I have my car starter.  But really, I do love snow, and winter because I'm a January Snow Baby!
(I will say that Maui also sounds good about there's that!)

This weekend Nick went to the farm, and I decided to start watching GLEE on Netflix.  Now, I think I am hooked.  I have gotten through the entire first season, and am just getting into season 2.  My favorites are Sue, Mr. Schuester, and Puck.  I love Sue's sense of humor, Mr Schue's overall personality and look, and Puck for being the bad boy.  I also love the singing, and shows, even if some of the high school antics are annoying.  I know I am WAYYYY behind on the Glee train, but I much prefer watching it all at once, as I can.

Do you have any shows you've done that with?

Now, before Criminal Minds starts I will leave you with this "getting to know me" A-Z thing that has been going around the blog-world::

A. Age: einundrei├čig

B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore you hate:  Putting away the clean laundry

D. Dogs: Just my sibling dogs, Dakotah and Brandy

E. Essential start to your day: Breakfast and a shower

F. Favorite color: Today it's ocean blue

G. Gold or Silver: I really am a silver girl, even though I should give gold a chance

H. Height: 5'2''

I. Instruments you play(ed): Piano, French Horn, Clarinet, and if Nick answered for me he would add 2 more!

J. Job Title: Telecommuting File Coordinator -Or something like that

K. Kids: I wish

L. Live: New to the state of NY, but a Buckeye for life!

M. Married: Practically, but no...

N. Nicknames: B, Aunt B, Saucy Buttons

O. Overnight hospital stays: Other than birth...just the stay when I got my bionic ankle

P. Pet peeve: If I listed them all, you'd all be in trouble

Q. Quote: "Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about."

R. Righty or Lefty:  Righty

S. Siblings: My lovely sister, Helen

T. Time you wake up: 8:30am

U. University attended: I have a list, but I graduated from The University of Toledo

V. Vegetables you dislike: Celery and Lima Beans

W. What makes you run late: Being low on gas, not taking traffic into consideration

X. X-rays you've had: Pretty much my whole body...

Y. Yummy food: Pizza, spicy boneless wings, chicken shawarma, cheesecake, brownies, etc.etc.

Z. Zoo animal favorite: I really do NOT enjoy zoos, but the penguins and pandas are cute!

And that's a bit about me...

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