Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a New Year

Out with 2012, and onto 2013!  I guarantee I won't forget 2012, especially as I continue to write it for a few more weeks.  We didn't celebrate in a very momentous way, AT ALL.  My family was attempting to rid ourselves of the norovirus, and anything left in our bodies, so we all stayed in - cozied on couches and beds.  I did wake up around 11:58 to ring in the New Year, so that's something!!

Today's my birthday, and we're all finally feeling better.  I can't miss out on my mom's homemade Ho-Ho Cake, so I was destined to be better today!  We'll probably go out for a light dinner too, if we're up to it.

I mentioned before that I want to be a better blogger in 2013, so I hope this is a start.  I will consider that one of my resolutions, along with a few others.  I typically don't like declaring that I'm going to do stuff only to fall short, but I am sure I can change my ways on a few things in my life!  So, let's just lay them out here, shall we?!

  1. Be a better blogger
  2. Exercise more, move more, sweat more
  3. Get a teaching job!
  4. Read more books
  5. Get some real bedroom furniture
  6. Learn something "crafty"
  7. Share the kitchen
  8. Be more supportive of Nick's Paleo & Crossfit
  9. Send more "snail mail" to people
  10. Just be a nicer person!
I could probably make a bigger list, but 10 to start sounds great to me!

Now, excuse me while I find my party hat, and get myself out of pj's.  Let's party!


  1. Hey girl, I cannot reply to your comment via email because you are still a NoReplyComment (you need to fix that!!) But yes, I do have silver! I didn't even think about offering that, I am going to update my Etsy to offer that just as soon as I post this comment!

    1. I never knew about the "No Reply" thing. I think I have it fixed! Thanks so much! :)