Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday, Friday!

Alright, so we made it through another week of summer- it's beginning to fly by a little TOO quickly if you ask me. It has been pretty warm this week, so I enjoyed quite a bit of time around the pool. Yesterday I thought for SURE that I was sick with the flu. I was achy, tired and weak, but I seriously think I was just dehydrated. I got home from my stormy evening with Skylar, drank Gatorade and popped 3 ibuprofen and hit the hay at 9 pm, and woke up feeling MUCH better.
Speaking of storms, the sky is starting to rumble.
It's weird that Nick is not coming home this weekend, since he's been here the past 3! I was just starting to get used to him being home on the weekends. Boo! But, we'll be going on our 5 year anniversary trip in a few weeks, and then shortly after that he will be home until at least the beginning of January. Then, I'll be the one leaving...and possibly him if he gets into a Graduate program that starts in the Spring semester. (Purdue is one of them...we shall see!)

My sister, Delver and some members of his family are on a cruise this week, and I hope they are enjoying it. I am sure they are, as long as it's not too hot or too stormy. I can't wait to see pictures and hear about their adventures.

I am going to post some freebies, sales and such and log-off as it's getting pretty stormy, and I have to catch up on my Top Chef: D.C. tonight.

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I will post more later, the sirens are blaring!

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  1. Hey, Thanks for your comment! Do you teach in a Montessori classroom? You probably know that I used to and miss it so much!

    Congrats on starting a blog! It's too much fun!