Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time for a Round-Up

Wow, it's already past the middle of February?!  Where is time going so quickly?  

I have been staying busy with projects for work, and pretending that I am some kind of IT support for them.  Of course, that boils down to the fact that I am cheaper than the computer guy that comes in as needed. and takes care of the servers, so it only makes sense to ask me if I can "fix" it first!  I am 200+ miles away, but a phone call, and my hourly wages are way cheaper, if I can figure it out for my gal-pals!  I get it...most everyone loves a bargain these days.  (SIDE NOTE:::  A few days ago an older lady at the grocery saw me with my coupons, and she had hers, and said, "Isn't it a shame we have to use these and chase deals?"  I just smiled and said, "Yes." But the thing is I enjoy it, and don't take it to the extreme.  Sorry, Grams!)

So, let's see what I found on the big, old www that struck my fancy here lately, shall we?
Great!  Let's begin!

What I Love:

What I Want:

What I Bought:

What I Want to Eat:

(If only I didn't give up chocolate for Lent, and Nick wasn't rocking a Paleo challenge!)

What's on your weekly round-up?


  1. I had a $5 credit, and thought they were cute. I need new shoes, and rarely ever get any!